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We build and administer computer software the right way, emphasizing quality, reliability, and performance, never cutting corners or taking shortcuts.

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Website development

Everything from simple blogs and landing pages to fully-fledged interactive web applications with complex business logic, live dashboards, payment processing, and more. We have extensive experience in building blazing fast, secure, accessible and responsive websites for the modern web.

Administration & tech support

We have deep knowledge of the inner workings of Mac, Windows, Linux and UNIX systems, coming in top 10 in the world in the AFA CyberPatriots cybersecurity competition, attaining several certifications, and contributing to several open source operating systems. We can fix computer problems, provide tech support, administer server deployments, configure enterprise networking, and harden and test the security of computer systems.

Game development

We can write code for 2D and 3D games leveraging state-of-the-art, high-performing technologies. We've contributed to multiple open source games, including the popular first-person shooter game Xonotic.

Systems programming

We've contributed to many open source technical infrastructure and tooling projects. We know how to write high-performing, bare-metal code for embedded devices, operating systems, native applications, and more.


Whether you're a complete beginner or already know a bit about computers, we can help you improve your skill level, explain difficult concepts in simple ways, and challenge you to reach the next level.

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